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Florida riot-starter Denzel Curry is set to put out his new album TA13OO later this month, but with a twist. The project will be released in three acts over three days: Light on July 25; Gray on July 26; and Dark on July 27. The previously released “Sumo” and “Percs” are taken from Light and Dark, respectively, while this new single “Clout Cobain” is our first preview of what Gray has to offer.

The song comes complete with a creepy yet caustic video which Denzel describes as “an inspirational wake-up call to fellow artists and their fans that this cyclical modern day minstrel show does end lives prematurely and ultimately, its the artists who can break the influence of the industry’s ringmasters.”

Watch below…

Embedded From SMTV

Denzel Curry — TA13OO (Tracklisting):

Act I: Light
1. Taboo / Ta13boo
2. Black Baloons / 13LACK 13ALLOONZ (Feat. Twelve’len & GoldLnk)
3. Cash Maniac / CAZH MAN1AC (Feat. NYYJERIA)
4. Sumo / Zumo

Act II: Gray
5. Super Saiyan Superman / Zuper Za1yan Zuperman
6. Switch It Up / Zwitch 1T Up
7. Mas I Got It / MAD 1 GOT 1T
8. SIRENS / Z1RENZ (Feat. J.I.D)
9. Clout Cobain / Clout Co13a1n

Act III: Dark
10. The Blackest Balloon / The 13LACKEZT 13Alloon
11. Perc / Percz
13. Black Metal Terrorist / 13MT

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