News » Jaden Smith Releases ‘SYRE: The Electric Album’ via Instagram


I’m still not convinced that Jaden Smith is the all-knowing oracle he makes himself out to be, but there’s no denying he’s pushing the envelope with the rollout for his new album. Over the weekend, Fresh Prince Jr. released SYRE: The Electric Album, a five-song, electronic-orientated reworked version of his 2017 album SYRE. You won’t find the project on any of your favorite streaming services, though; instead, SYRE: The Electric Album is a first-of-its-kind Instagram exclusive (or technically, an IGTV exclusive).

The five songs included on SYRE: The Electric Album — “ICON?,” “Lost Boy,” “Ninety,” “Fallen” and “B.” — all come with their own psychedelic visuals, too. Stream the project in full via Jaden Smith’s Instagram account.

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