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Known for his unique play on words and crafty quick tongue, Wax-A-Don released the hot single "I Want U" and a sure hit to follow-up with the melodic track “Red Bottoms”.

While fans are discovering his talent, Wax-A-Don’s journey began at a very young age. Drawn to anything music related, Wax-A-Don started dancing at 7yrs old, embracing the musical limelight in no time! At age 9 he was performing live for more than 100 people.



As time progressed, Wax-A-Don's musical interest grew. At 16 years old, a choir teacher saw his potential and made Wax-A-Don enter a talent contest by refusing to give him a grade if he didn’t go. Although he never intended to sing, nothing got Wax-A-Don more charged or determined than an instrumental and a mic. With a mic in hand, Wax-A-Don feels anything is possible!


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