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Breaking into the music industry with a clean delivery and personal flare, B. Bandz combines his passion for rapping, writing and performing, with a unique approach to music that certainly distinguishes him from any in his generation.


Hailing from Chicago’s Southt Side, B. Bandz has already begun to transform into a household name. With influences from major artist such as Lil Wayne, Bandz also draws inspiration from stars like YFN Lucci, Will Smith, LL Cool J, Lil Uzi, and Fabolous.


B. Bandz is hitting the music scene with a vengeance to be one of the greatest in his time. Taking pride in his ability to deliver popular music without harsh undertones and delivery; he has the influence and leadership that young artist aspire to be today.

Lifestyle, the EP by B. Bandz is out now on all digital platforms !!!

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