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Rotten Money is a Hip Hop group comprised of two artist. These two childhood bestfriends one BkBMore hails from Brooklyn NY while the latter Larceny Streetz comes from the Baltimore MD bring together with great chemistry only to be compared to the elite group in hip hop. They're punchline heavy new age wave of raw hip hop consists of many variations and styles ranging from Street depicting anthems, some R&b and even pop. Rotten Money is unique and in everyway a breath of fresh air in today hip hop layout

B Bandz

RottenMoneyEmpire consist of 2 artists


B Bandz

 hails from NY while 

B Bandz

was born & raised in Baltimore, MD.


These two childhood best friends combine with a chemistry compared to elite groups in hip hop. Their witty, pop, punchline heavy style meshes with southern slang creating a breath of fresh air in this new age wave of popular music.


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