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Obi J - Nic Knack

Lajuan Stephens, born In Oklahoma City on August 1, 1989 is an America rapper better known by his stage name Obi J.


He moved to Dallas Texas in 2000 at the age of 12 when his dad was released from prison, coincidently, his mom went to prison that same year. Obi J later went back to Oklahoma City once his mom was released in 2003. As 2008 arrived, Obi J formed a rap group P.H.B with his friends which became a huge success when TVT Records pursued them. In 2008 TVT Records declared bankruptcy and the group eventually split up. 2016, Obi J made a come back to the hip-hop scene with his hit single Xaniexty and was featured in The Source Magazine and HipHop Weekly. Later that year Xaniexty peaked on Soundcloud at number 3 on the top 100 Artist chart with 11 million streams which lead to a meeting with Shawn Barron, A&R at Atlantic Records.


Now working his hit single "Nic Knack" released by Global Media Group, expect the official music video January 3rd, 2019.



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