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Born in Oklahoma, the 20-year-old San Jose rapper B-Mazin' has been doing music for 10 years.


Coming up in a gang-infested neighborhood with shootings happening once in a while, cops always harassed B-Mazin' thinking he was banging.

Hardly seeing his mom who moved to Crescent City about three years ago, B-Mazin' has a good home with his dad. "My parents separated when I was 10 years old and after that, I ended up messing up in school. I wouldn't do my homework and I'd be out partying every weekend drinking, smoking or whatever my friends were doing at the time."


It was hard to stay focused until B-Mazin' had his son at 17 years old and had to get on grind mode.

"My grind was working full time and now til this day I'm 20 years old working 80 to 100 hours a week. If it wasn't for my son I'd be in the streets still locked up or dead with my picture on my homies T-shirt. He's the reason why I'm grinding so hard, where I get my motivation from."


It's hard being a young parent working two full-time jobs and going to college, this life isn't for everybody but anybody can do it.


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