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Aeyez Youngstar is an emerging artist from Columbus, Ohio . . .

A-Eyez Youngstar also known as Asiian Eyez is an emerging Artist from Columbus, Ohio who's life reads like a dramatic movie.


Given up at just 3 weeks old and in foster care for several years he was betrayed by his father whom he had known much of his young life to be his uncle. Now at 20 years old, A-Eyez uses his experiences as a backdrop to motivate others to use negative experiences for their betterment. His personal mission is to inspire inner city kids that no matter the circumstances diligent work and determination can overcome any obstacle. A-Eyez became interested in being an Artist while working with a friend in a garage studio where he did his first track and music video "Surfing". The feedback he received from views of his video filmed at the Polaris Mall in Ohio inspired him to pursue his new found dream. Using his lyrics as pages of his life rhythmically woven around hard beats, A-Eyez is a magnetic rapper and evolved artist who is able to fluidly move between genres and styles while staying instinctively honest and real with his message with music people can move to.


His debut single "Lookn@" on Khepera Records/Sonic Flux Music, is an example of the raw and unabashed honesty A-Eyez is unafraid of sharing with the world in his music. "Lookn@" is now available worldwide at all major digital retailers.


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